Pi with Spotify - One Button Press

Hi All,

Want to make a single, standalone box with a speaker and one touch button to play a spotify (premium) playlist. Here is what I’m trying to solve. My 2 year old knows how to turn on the radio to dance to music, but it’s often jabber, ads or rubbish music. So I thought I could make a Pi box so he can always play his music. I’ve seen guides on instructables, but not sure on parts.

  1. If I’m doing audio, do I need a secondary board?
  2. What cases have a built in big easy to notice power button. Some I thought were buttons ended up being holes for a webcam, lolz.
  3. I could probably live with an external, USB powered speaker, but trying to avoid too many cables.

Any and all help would be appreciated, I thought the software would be the difficult bit, but got stumped early on hardware.

Reading this project ( https://core-electronics.com.au/projects/rad10 ) I could do with the below if I fashion my own case out of something. If I use built in speakers, how are they powered?

Sorry for being such a NOOB.

Hey Glen,

That sounds like a great project! I’m keen to see you get it off the ground.

For starters, yes you will need another board for that one, like you’ve linked you will need an amplifier. The size/type of amplifier depends on the speaker(s) you want to use. There are several Pi audio HATs (like this one) you can buy that work with only the Pi but you are limited to the size of the speakers you can get with it.

If you buy an amplifier you can drive more powerful speakers. The Stereo 2.1W Class D Audio Amplifier - TPA2012 could drive either the 4 Ohm 3 Watt or 8 Ohm 1 Watt speakers fairly efficiently.

You power these speakers externally, you may be able to get away with powering it from the Pi Power Supply if you aren’t doing too many other functions on the Pi that may draw power, though it would be safest to power them separately (or power the Pi using a higher current supply).