RPI 3B+ Speaker

I need to connect a speaker to an RPI 3B+
What hardware do I need to do this?

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An amplifier with a plug for the mini stereo socket or a raspberry pi adaptor board. I also use USB speakers on occasion and even streamed a 3B/+ to Bluetooth Speakers such as Amazon Alexa. You could also plug you Raspberry Pi straight into your home stereo if that’s what you’re after.

What are you using for and what size speaker?

Here’s a couple of options from Core-Electronics:

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Hi Shaun

Nothing fancy, I just need to play an mp3 file announcing a print is finished.

No great sound is required, mono would work fine.

Atm I can hear it through headphones, but not through s speaker.

So as for an all in one amp/speaker, just plug into headphone jack and work, what do you have available?



Hi Steve,

I don’t work for Core-Electronics. I’m a customer just like you. If you want to communicate with the staff there’s a contact us link at eh top of the page.

Based on what you’re after I typically use a set of USB powered speakers similar to the ones I showed you from Core-Electronics. You can pick up speakers like this all over the place. Any set with a mini plug will work.


Hi Shaun

Sorry about that, prob those usb powered speakers would be the easy solution, I have still left a msg via their webpage.

Steve Thurston


I’ve always found this little speaker to be straight forward for basic alerts/sounds. One USB connection and a quick config change to make it the default on RPi (link in the description)