Pi Zero IP Camera

Looking for someone who has setup a Pi Zero Camera as a simple IP video stream.


This tutorial from Paul McWhorter looked promising, but has a number of flaws, even though he states “If you follow the instructions EXACTLY, it should work.”. Well it wont for a number of reasons.

Still working through it. Initially didn’t recompile ffmeg, didn’t think it mattered, with clean install of Buster. But no video on web page so trying that now to see if it makes any difference, most likely wont; but sudo make is so slow on Pi Zero.

Cheers All

PS I have Python Flask web camera, and Motion Eyes security camera working perfectly. This time I wanted to use lighttpd rather than Python or Motion Eyes.

Well this proved to be a lot easier than I thought, when you get the right information.
I was pretty sure something like this existed, but internet searches did not show the official site.
As stated on the forum the camera install should be added to the GUI Menu, making it much easier to setup.

If anyone is looking at using the Pi Camera as a video stream, the official site would be a good place to start.


Hey James,

Thanks for this info! There aren’t quite as many features, but I’ve found this tutorial to be a great starting point for people looking into this sort of project.

Yeah I got this working late last year as a “Chook cam” to keep an eye on my chooks. The limiting factor turned out to be the upstream bandwidth available on my crappy DSL service.
I’ll probably try again when NBN finally arrives.
I mostly followed this link form Memory:

The Zero is a little low on horsepower - as you’ve discovered.

prhewett1, Thanks for your response and information.

The Pi Zero is now configured as a WiFi Hot spot and streams video. Works really well and does not need the internet. Limitation is the range of the Wifi. I originally made this to stream video from a Robot Cart to a phone or tablet when driving the Cart. Cart is controlled by a Playstation Controller. So range is limited to Bluetooth and Wifi, but as a hot spot it does not need the internet. So it can go anywhere.

Nothing new, but it is something I have made.