Piezo Element to generate electricity (from vibration)

How Can I use Piezo Element to generate electricity (from vibration) and store in a battery so that I can turn a light on?


Suggest Googling Piezo current generation. Many people have tried this idea with varying success.
The amount of current generated is very small.
One article said with their design it would take over 700,000 hours of walking to charge a mobile phone battery.
Lighting a LED would be somewhat less, but would depend on how long you want to light it.


PS A scientific paper discussing current generation from Piezo devices stated :-
The power generated by the vibration of the piezoelectric is shown to be a maximum of 2mW , and provide enough energy to charge a 40mAh button cell battery in one hour.


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I think @James46717 is on the money here, it’s been studied a fair bit before but the physics is against you when compared with easier power generation methods like spinning a magnet or exposing photovoltaics to the sun.

Having said that Piezo electric elements could make for excellent vibration and force sensors when combined with accurate small signal amplifiers, I believe that is how some nanoprecision measurement is done now, but it’s always a net consumer of energy.


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I’d definitely check out Steve Mould and Electroboom’s video on the topic as well! Plus their videos are very informative!