Piico TMP117 I2C Address Change

What’s the cleanest way to change the address on the PiicoDev TMP117?
Probably a noob question but want to take the path of least resistance.
I noticed there’s an indent in the solder pad near 4A, what does this do?


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You set the address by bridging the appropriate connection for the pads that are marked 48, 49, 4A and 4B to the centre pad of the pair with a drop of solder. The default is 48, so that pad is bridged - remove that bridge and connect one of the others to its centre pad to select a different address. The indent at 4A has no significance.


Thanks Jeff.
I’ll also need to mod the PiicoDev TMP 117 code to hit the new addresses.
For reference, I’m daisy chaining 4x sensors together to do temperature monitoring of a windows before and after upgrading from single to double/triple glazing.
Thanks again!

@Kieran167905 Without making any modifications, you ought to be able to instantiate sensors with different addresses in this way:

sensor1 = PiicoDev_TMP117(addr=0x48)
sensor2 = PiicoDev_TMP117(addr=0x49)
# et cetera