PiicoDev Air Quality Sensor ENS160 (CE08560)

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Measure indoor air-quality - sensitive to fumes, cooking smells, humans.

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Is it possible to turn the ENS 160 Module power LED on or off?

I mean programmatically via python not by severing a trace…

Thank you.

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Hey @Socrates66761 - the only way to disable the LED is to sever the jumper. Referring to the schematic, the LED is driven directly by 3V3

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When I started testing it with my raspberry pico I kept getting this error.

PiicoDev could not communicate with module at address 0x53

Initially I thought it was because I had it connected to my other modules, but after troubleshooting it, and just connecting the sensor by it self I continued to get the error message.

I couldn’t find anything online to help with this error.

I finally got it working by chance.

I tried following this guide to reset the 12C address

this finally got it working.

Hey @Philip44283 - welcome to the forums :slight_smile:
I’m glad you got things working in the end.

The ENS160 has only two addressing options:

  • 0x53 when ASW:0, and
  • 0x52 when ASW:1

The reset instructions you followed are for other PiicoDev “smart” modules which have a microcontroller onboard and can be set to any arbitrary address.

It may be that your address switch was set ON (ASW:1) which would account for the failure to connect, and following the reset instructions happened to leave the switch in the default state that is expected.

In any case, the connection guide is probably due for major updates. I agree that things aren’t as clear as they ought to be. We’ll get onto this.

Thanks for taking the time to post, and best of luck with your project :smiley:

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