Piicodev Code/Drivers Repo

This is not much of a project, rather something that I think that would help quite a few people when starting out with Piicodev, and that only took a couple of hours for me to create.

The Piicodev guides with direct links to a module’s example code, projects, and drivers are awesome, however there is no a repository (that I could find, at least) that is a central access point for every single Piicodev module’s resources in an organised manner. So, I decided to go through each guide and put together all of these assets.

There are 4 sub-directories; Inputs, Outputs, Sensors, and Wireless, each of which contain modules of the corresponding category. Within each module’s directory, there are even more subdirectories! They consist of drivers (Piicodev Unified and individual modules’ drivers), example code, and sometimes different projects that were on the guides.

Happy making!


Nice one @Ezra224017
For the curious - Raspberry Pi uses PyPi (pip install) to install PiicoDev support.
There’s actually nothing stopping you from doing this with a Pico as well! The pico will just download smbus2 at the same time which is not required by Pico and quite large :grimacing:

Give it a try in Thonny - search for the PiicoDev package :smiley: