PiicoDev Distance Sensor VL53L1X - Raspberry Pi

I followed the instructions of “PiicoDev Distance Sensor VL53L1X - Raspberry Pi Guide” and installed piicodev to my raspberry pi 4b - but at the next step could not locate “main.py” or even the folder " “PiicoDev”. I tried again a few times without success, even uninstalling piicodev package, installing v 0.0.4, upgrading to the latest version, etc. Am I missing a step - why isn’t the folder “PiicoDev” created containing the app main.py?


Hi @Tom111921,
You can download the example code right away here: main.py - right-click and save link as.

That’s pretty strange. It seems like some content has gone missing from the tutorial - you can see in the video that we save a file from a link… In any case, I’ve fixed the article and the update should appear soon.