PiicoDev OLED Breakouts

I am working on designing my own PCB that will include a Xiao RP2040 and a PiicoDev OLED.
I want to solder the OLED to the board via the 2.54mm breakouts. I know for i2c we have pull up resistors between:

SCL and 3V3
SDA and 3V3

I note that these are included on the PiicoDev OLED board.

I looked at the KiCAD files, but just wanted to get clarification. When using the breakouts to connect to my PCB do I need to add pull up resistors to my PCB or are the pull up resistors on the Piicodev OLED board already connected to the breakouts?

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Hi Claire,

Welcome to the forum :slight_smile: Pullup resistors are on the board, so no additional parts are needed. The schematic from the product page is shown below:


Thanks for the clarification

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