PiicoDev OLED Display Module (128x64) SSD1306 - SDA/SDL interface

I brought a PiicoDev OLED Display Module (128x64) SSD1306 and I’m trying to connect it to a Tasmota device using the solder point at the top of the display, which are indicated as C, D, + & - on the board.

The Tasmota device uses a IC2 SDA/SCL interface and provides the 3.3v and GND.

Seems the images on you site show 2 different version:
1 with 4 solder points
1 with 5 solder points

Can you advise how I can connect this display using a IC2 SDA/SCL interface?




Hi Andy,

Welcome to the forum :slightly_smiling_face:

Good catch on that image difference! Earlier revisions of the OLED module had an external pin to set the address. In the new revision we added an address switch (labelled ASW) so the extra pin wasn’t needed.

I’ll make a note to get the product images updated to match the newest hardware revision.

To answer your first question you only need 4 connections to use the module, either using the through-hole pins or the PiicoDev cable connectors.

  • Power (3V3) labeled +
  • Ground labelled -
  • Clock (SCL) labeled C
  • Data (SDA) labeled D