PiicoDev RFID Module (NFC 13.56MHz) BOM

Hello all,

Is there a BOM I can access for the PiicoDev RFID Module (NFC 13.56MHz)?

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Hi Dan,

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There sure is! All of the PiicoDev designs are open source - you can find the ‘Hardware Repo’ on all of the product pages which include a KiCAD project and subsequent parts being used inside of the schematic/PCB layout.

Schematics are also available on most.

Thank you Liam. I am specifically after the specs of the 1uH inductors L1 and L2 and the schematic doesn’t give any further info, as far as I can see.

Does anyone know the specs of L1 and L2 regarding resistance and current?
Many thanks again

Hi Dan,

The first step for any design around a complex IC is to check out the datasheeet:

And the application note on antenna design:

I’d say if neither mention the characteristics you’re after, it’d be safe to leave it up to other BOM constraints like availability or packaging. I had a chat to our engineering team, and they have recommended choosing an inductor with a high Q value, and a resonant frequency well above (5-10x) that of your operating frequency.

Some great sources for EDA content:
our Factory playlist:

Phil’s Lab

All the best with your project!