Design RFID reader module

Can any one help me to design RFID reader from scratch, needed detailed circuit information and design,Please help me!


Hi Aditya,

Sounds like quite the project!

We have an open-source repo available for the PiicoDev RFID reader that you could take inspiration from, there are lots of tutorials around the net that can also help with designing antennas:

I’d check out a dedicated RF forum to see if they have some more details.
Also out of curiosity why dont you purchase one from a local electronics store?


You can take a look here too:


this is final year project so if create our own rfid reader it would be great in results
can you help me more with this

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I thought your own research would be part of the learning process.
Cheers Bob


Agree with Bob - we’re happy to help with designs, but you’re going to have to come to the forums with at least some attempt or resources.

Try finding an open source design and read the datasheet / code for the specified RFID chip that it uses.
Then have a look at antenna circuits for which there are many resources on google.
You only need to get a hardware design working well enough to then reverse engineer an open source driver and get it working with your own microcontroller.

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I think more homework is needed before people can really help.
RFID is a very very big area with the two common frequencies being 125Khz (LF) and 13.56 Mhz. (HF). LF tends to be all kinds of modulation and bit rates, along with actual ID encoding (e.g. EM4100, HD Prox II, AWID etc) HF tends to have more structure around standards. 14a is very common with Mifare Classic and Mifare Desfire, but the way you interact with the rfid tag will vary greatly. (i.e. command/responses)

then once you have picked the sort of RFID you want you need to define if you just want off the shelve parts (driver chips/decoders etc) or want to build more from scratch and basics. e.g. I built a 125Khz tag sniffer with just a few diodes, caps, resistors and transistors and used the antenna from a T5577 clamshell card.

While I dont know your real needs, I would recommend picking just one type or card/tag and seeing what you need to make that work. If you try to do everything at once it will be a very very big project (see proxmark3 for and example of a big rfid project)

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