PiicoDev RGB LED Module - Raspberry Pi Pico Guide

Michael just shared a new tutorial: “PiicoDev RGB LED Module - Raspberry Pi Pico Guide”

Let’s get started with the PiicoDev® 3x RGB LED Module. In this guide, we’ll connect the LED Module to our Raspberry Pi Pico and get it working with some example code to display colourful patterns.

To follow along, it’s best to have:


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Hey, I have been using and following your guides. Most of the time no issues and as result am a big Fan of both your guides and the PiicoDev products. However with the release of the Pico firmware 1.20 I have not had any luck and thought i had some dodgy products, Turns out to be more firmware and the files not working correctly. After some testing with other devices(MicroBitV2) no issues with the hardware upon loading a 1.19 firmware to my Pico I was able to run the scripts and had success. Just wanted to point his out. Hope to see more great stuff in the future.


Thanks for the heads-up @Josh183727, I’ll look into this issue and get a patch released. I’ll let you know here what our findings are.

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Love the efficiency, I have just done a re-test with the updated firmware and works perfect.

Thanks heaps

@Josh183727 - we hadn’t yet released any update, though there was a problem introduced from the v1.19 → v1.20 update that we did patch. Perhaps you were working with an old version of Unified and happened to get the latest one when you decided to check?

In any case, glad things are working out :smiley: