Piicodev SSD1306 Display with Micropython 1.20

I have had Piicodev SSD1306 OLED displays working fine up to now, but I just updated Micropython from 1.19 to 1.20 on a Raspberry Pi Pico, and the simple demo in the guide for this board seems to be broken. I don’t see the count, the bar graphs and plots are rather wild, and the lower half of the screen displays a bunch of dots. The same happens with my Pico W board.
Also I get the error message in the Thonny REPL despite seeing the graphics as described above:
“PiicoDev could not communicate with module at address 0x3C, check wiring”

What’s going on here?

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Hi Graham,

There was an update in micropython version 1.20 that added a timeout when large packets of data are being sent. We’ve implemented a fix for this in the latest version of our PiicoDev_Unified.py library.
If you download the latest unified library from the guide then your OLED should tone down the craziness and start working again as normal.

I’ll link the file you are after below.


You can also right-click and “save-link as” → PiicoDev_Unified.py


Well that was easy! Thanks for the fast response


Glad to hear you’re back on track @Graham194344, best of luck with the project :smiley: