PiicoDev Starter Kit for Raspberry Pi Pico (CE08256)

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Get started coding high-tech sensors and modules with the PiicoDev® Starter Kit - BYO Pico

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Looking at building a lightsaber or 2 and considering the raspberry pi Pico. Needs to fit in the handle which is 35mm ID.

I need to drive 1m of RGB led and be able to switch between r, g, and b without colour mixing.

Preferably lipo rechargable for battery source.

What bits will I need?

Hi Ddeveny,

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The PiicoDev kit is designed around using sensors and modules via I2C without the need for soldering so if this is your first project with the Raspberry Pi Pico it’s a great place to start.
Since your looking to have everything fit within a 35mm tube most of the modules probably won’t fit for your lightsaber build.

For the lightsaber you’ll probably want an LED strip like the WS2812/NeoPixel LEDs. Adafruit have put together an awesome guide that covers everything you need to know about using them.

If you want a high-density LED strip to be powered by battery and in a circular compartment you will probably want to use 18650 Lithium batteries as they can handle the high current requirements of the LEDs. We have pouch cell style LiPo batteries, but the ones we stock typically won’t output more than 1Amp continuously so they are better suited as longer-life low-drain batteries.

Hi, how do I power this once it is detached from USB?

I noticed this kit comes with “PiicoDev LiPo Expansion Board for Raspberry Pi Pico” (SKU: CE07693), which specifically says “The battery connector works only with single-cell LiPO batteries… Never connect Alkaline or NiMH batteries to this connector.”

There is a non-recharging board (SKU: CE08677) that should with with AA batteries.

Specifically, can I use AA batteries i.e. in a 2 AA battery holder with JST (SKU: PRT-09925) with this kit, IF I never connect both USB AND battery at the same thing, so I never charge it? Are the charging and non charging boards similar other than the charging circuit?