PiicoDev Ultrasonic Rangefinder to Pi4

I don’t have room to fit the PiicoDev Adapter for Raspberry Pi SKU: CE07690 to my Pi4
Can I connect the PiicoDev Ultrasonic Rangefinder SKU: CE09360 directly to the Pi4
Echo to SDA or SCL??? Trigger will be opposite.

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Welcome to the forum Larry!

You absolutely can, you might want to use a PiicoDev adapter cable via the GPIO connections.

FYI: the onboard microcontroller handles all of the timing sensitive computations to drive the ultrasonic sensor itself. The Pi doesnt excel as much with the tight timing required to run it.

The four connections from the ultrasonic sensor board (Echo, Trig being data) arent able to be dropped into place with the PiicoDev libraries but you may able to use another similar guide.

PS: here are some additional resources for using the correct pins:


Thanks for the reply but does the Echo, from the PiicoDev module, go to the SDA (3) or the SCL (5) pin on the Pi??

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Please ignore previous post - found the answer in your link to the cable!!


Here’s that image that Larry is referring to for anyone reading through this in future. Note that SDA - Data and SCL - Clock are just that. The actual control of the Ultrasonic sensor itself is taken care of by another microcontroller on the module itself.

I2C or Inter-Integrated-Circuit is just a communication protocol to tell this microcontroller when to trigger, and to listen for when it receives the signal, the Pi is just talking to it, not actually controlling the sensor directly. This system design technique is known as Abstraction for anyone curious.