PiJUice settings for 1x 3-Pin LiPo Battery For PiJuice 10000mAh

Hey FearTec,

Thanks for posting on the forum! Sorry about the delay in getting back to you, it’s been quite busy here at Core Electronics today.

Yes, you can use it with the PiJuice, all of the generic battery brands that are supplied here use the same kind of NTC (thermistor) as the PiJuice cells themselves to my knowledge, and typically when I set them up I put together a custom profile based on how much load my Pi will draw when idle and the batteries specs.

We offer generic cells as well as the original PiJuice batteries here as it provides customers more choice over the capacities that they want to use, as well as getting to use less expensive cells as an option.

We’ve had a few discussions about these batteries before:

Personally, I’d suggest following the 1000mAh profile, and then creating a custom profile below by changing the following settings:

Capactity: 10000mAh (or matching your cell)

Charge Current: ~1000mA (this is due to the type of wiring connected to the battery rather than the battery itself, with a 10000mAh cell with some thicker wiring you can usually get away with charging at higher current, usually around 0.5-0.6C if you want to ensure you have a decent battery lifespan)

Everything else can remain the same, as the type of NTC being used and both the cutoff voltage and max temps should all be quite similar between cells so those values will work nicely. If you have any other questions please let us know. And feel free to shoot through an email if you’d like to organize any returns/refunds, this is a forum designed for discussion about projects and product use/applications for order administration we use our support address. Enjoy the rest of your day!