PiJuice battery settings for 20,000mAh Battery (CE06799)

Hi Core,

I recently purchased the 20,000mAh Battery (CE06799) to use with the PiSupply PiJuice Zero.

What battery profile settings should I use with this pack? They should be something like:

Capacity: 5000 mAh,
Charge current: 2500 mA,
Termination current: 100 mA,
Regulation voltage: 4180 mV,
Cut-off voltage: 3000 mV,
Cold temperature: 1 °C,
Cool temperature: 2 °C,
Warm temperature: 45 °C,
Hot temperature: 50 °C,
NTC B constant: 3380 K,
NTC resistance 10000 Ω.

(These copied from the PiJuice repo for the PiSupply 5000mAh pack)

Many thanks.

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Hey Greg,

After reviewing the recommended settings on this site it appears all that you’d have to change is the Capacity and Charge Current values to that which would be suitable for your particular battery, Pi Juice will likely have more specifications about the battery to determine the Charge and Termination current but they should be around the 20000mAh and 10000mA range if the 1:2 ratio is maintained (10000mA will probably be too high as I believe the highest value will be 2500mA).

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So will these 3.7v batteries only charge at higher voltages e.g 4180 mV?

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Very understandable and accessible. Thanks for the clarifications. I am not very well versed in physics to make such calculations, so I prefer to rely on the opinion of more experienced people.

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