Posture Reminder Prototype Switch Issue


I am making a posture reminder for an assignment. I am using micro momentary switches which work in theory. The user needs to sit on one and lean back against the other. If they are only sitting on the bottom one, a vibration motor will alert them to lean back against the other switch. I was advised that the force pads were not ideal for this.

My code all works, my issue is however, how to connect the switches so they can be sat on and leant against. The wires on the breadboards stick up too much. I am looking at getting the ‘Jumper Wire Kit for Solderless Breadboard 140 pcs’ as it looks low profile.

Does anyone have any other ideas?

Hi Geoffrey,

I would have a look at some low profile methods of mounting them to the chair, putting the switch outside of the sitting area of the chair, and adding a light enough extension so that the switch doesn’t activate should achieve your goal.

Those wires look perfect for the project although I would have a look at getting a couple of (at least 4) longer ones so that ‘daisy-chaining’ doesn’t become an issue.

Let us know how you go!


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A posture warning device is one of sparkfuns lilypad vibe example projects: