Micro SMB Pushbutton project help

Hey Guys,

I have a very specific switch that uses two micro SMB momentary switches connected to a PSB board, however the two switches share a common wire.

I need each switch to have its own two wires. Therefore I am looking to build my own.

I have no electronic knowledge but know it should be possible either as a hack (Soldering wires to the ends of the SMB buttons) or properly making my own PCB.

I am trying to do this on the Cheap $20 or less.

The board that the 2 switches sit on is 25mm long x 8mm wide.

The Switches are as follows:

The 4 wires need to be at one end of the board.

I would love to know how you would approach this project.

I was thinking possibly making my own etched PSB board. The biggest issue I face there would be how do I mount the switch on the board, are they soldered onto the copper. Also drilling 4 small holes in the end of the board.

Could I use perfboard.

What would be the simplest way for me to complete this.

Please think novice/very small board/switches etc

Hi Scott,

Consider trying your circuit out in a breadboard first. It sound like you ought to use a printed circuit board if you can, since space is so tight. Also these switches are tiny, and they are meant to be soldered directly to a PCB at all four corners to hold them in place (and connect them of course).

We offer a PCB milling service now, so getting a PCB made is really cheap! Check it out, we just started it this week: