Potentiomter used with a teensy board voltage skiping about 10% when going over 50%? Is there a simple fix for this? THANKS

I am using a TEENSY board to create a midi controller an the pots skip about 10% when they hit 50%. I have teste the voltage with a multimeter and that skips too so it isnt a coding problem. Any helo would be greatly apprciated. THANKS

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Hi David
I don’t understand what you mean by “skip”. But it sounds like you have logarithmic pots and not linear. That might seem like a “skip” where the resistance changes much faster per degree of rotation towards one end.

Most of the “cheaper” so called log pots are in fact 2 or 3 sections of linear resistance The initial 50% or so has a flatter slope which transforms to a steeper slope after about 50% or so. This may be what you have.

Have a look for any markings. If it has an “A” marked on it it is log and for linear the marking will be “B”
Cheers Bob

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Thanks for yout help. The pots have a B marked on them and they are 100k.

What I mean by skipping is as soon as I go poast 50% on the pot the voltage (and the serial monitor) skips up about 10 percent so it isnt smooth. The same things happens when I turn it the other way.

Any help is greatly apprceiated. THANKS :slight_smile:

Hi David.
That is a linear pot.
Sounds faulty, I would suggest try another one.
Cheers Bob

Yeah Iv tried a few and still get the same result. It wouldnt be some sort of power issue? or something like that?
Thanks again for all your help

Hi @David63458 is there a schematic diagram or even a picture you might be able to share? Pictures help a lot.
This kind of highly-nonlinear behaviour kind of suggests to me that there may be another resistor in the network somewhere :thinking:

If you have a spare pot you can also check its linearity by measuring resistance across the wiper and on of the other pins.

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