Power supply for led strip?

hello, I am newer to working with lighting but I am wanting to do a little project with an ESP8266 controller and led strip after I found this video. I see that everything used is listed but the controller outputs 3.3V but the led strip can handle 5V. My question is, would I need a power supply to make it run at its full brightness? and if so what one do you recommend?

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Hi Fade,

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The short answer is the brightness is controlled by the code not the power supply. So long as your LED strips have enough power then the brightness is set by WLED. If the power is too low they won’t turn on at all.

Do you know what kind of LED strip you have? If you can let us know what type and how many LEDs your strip has we should be able to recommend a power supply with enough juice.

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Welcome Fade,

To add to Trents excellent answer - the pin Tim connected to in the tutorial is a 5V pin, it just takes the USB voltage and powers from that (the 3v3 output powers the ESP32).

For small strips a USB power supply is more than enough - still, let us know how many you want to power and we can let you know!


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unsure of the brand but it is 144 led 1m

Here is an LED strip control circuit that may interest you:

With this simple circuit you will be able to regulate the intensity you need in a strip of LEDs. The circuit also ensures that it will not blink.