Recommendations for controlling 10-20 WS2812B LED strips?

I’m building a partition wall that is about 10 feet high and along the wood slats that make it up I’m planning on housing a 10-20 LED strips in frosted plastic. The problem I’m finding is figuring out how to control them all remotely. The using ESP32 boards and the WLED app seemed like a great option, but I think they max out at 750 individual LEDS. Does anyone have recommendations for a good way to do this?

Also any recommendations for ways to power them in a more elegant way than having individual DC 5volt power adapters would be awesome.

These are the strips I’m planning to use.

Hi Zack, Welcome to the forum!

As for control, I would recommend sticking with WLED, as it’s pretty much the only turn-key control software for WS2812s I’m aware of. If you need to control multiple strips, you can use multiple ESP32s and they’ll sync up if needed.

There are other options, like the Pimoroni Plasma, but you’d have to code up your display patterns yourself

As for the power supply, Meanwell have some beefy 5V supplies you could consider using:

Or just use a bunch of smaller 5V plug packs:

Just keep in mind that the traces on the PCB can only take so much current, so injecting power at the end of each strip is a good idea, or even multiple points along the strip, even if the data connection is chained in one big length.

Some older strips can draw up to 60mA per LED, so you should do the maths ahead of time to work out how much current capacity you need in your supplies.

Let us know if this gives you more questions!