Pressure sensor assembly


I am new to this area so need your advice. Thanks in advance.

I am prototyping a bite force measuring device and I am looking into your pressure sensors.

I watched some Youtube videos, but none of them demonstrated how to make one, and what are needed except the sensors.

I prefer to use a LED to display the force, and use shields to simplify the assembly.

​Can you help?

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Hi Kai,

Interesting project! Since human bite force at the molars can get up to 1300N, you’ll likely need a high-rated load cell to measure up in the required 130kg range. The easiest way to interface with these are the Qwiic Scale boards:

As for the physical construction, my mind goes to something 3d printed partially in something super strong, the other part in something soft, for something to bite down on.

This is quite the rabbit holethough, could you post the videos you’ve found so far?

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Hi, James

Thank you for your reply.
I am measuring mouth closing force from patients who had reconstructive surgery.
Normally the max force is about 100N.
Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.



Hey Kai,

I agree with James, a load cell is likely the best option. That being said I highly suggest getting in touch with an Engineering Consultancy group if this device is going to be used professionally so that they can help ensure that the design is valid for the application and runs consistently and correctly as there’s always more requirements and constraints to consider than are initially expected in projects.

I’ve linked Saphi’s contact for you below who are another Newcastle-based company that should be able to assist further with the design and implementation of your project or have better recommendations than I would myself for other local services that can help put this together:

All the best with your project! Please let us know if you have any further questions.