Loadcell (150kgs) with Raspberry pi 4B

I am working on a connected fleet demo, where it pics up some basic telemetry data of the vehicle and environment and sends it to the cloud for a single pane of glass view for the fleet of vehicles. One of the information I am trying to collect is the weight and for demo purposes, I intended to just squeeze in a loadcell in the seat cover and get the load of the vehicle, in this case it would be the person sitting on the seat. I found Load Cell - 200kg, S-Type (TAS501) | Sparkfun SEN-14282 | Core Electronics Australia but wondering if there are any other options as well and how do I get the readings into the pi. I am using raspberry pi 4B and have some other sensors (temperature, humidity, accelerometer) from PiicoDev connected to the raspberry pi 4B via a PiicoDev adaptor.


Welcome Sumit,

For accurate weight measurement a load cell is the way to go, Core has a couple other ones rated for that weight but still in the same price bracket.

I found this guide to use a HX711 amp to get readings to the Pi: https://tutorials-raspberrypi.com/digital-raspberry-pi-scale-weight-sensor-hx711/
SparkFun Load Cell Amplifier - HX711 | SEN-13879 | Core Electronics Australia

Keen to see it together!

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Thanks Liam, I will have the look at the guides you recommended. What other listings on Core do you recommend for this requirement?

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Hi Sumit,

Core electronics actually manufactures a load cell amplifier like the one used in that guide. It’s designed with a Pico in mind, but should work with a Pi (I can see there are libraries for that in the guide Liam linked)