Programming a VESC and Remote Handset for Foil Board

Need help programming a Maytech VESC/Receiver/Wireless Handset

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Hi Des,

Were you just looking to upgrade the firmware to a newer version? Change settings? Program the chip itself with some else’s firmware?

Hi James,

I have been able to connect all the devices together and after using different setup procedures have been able to get the Throttle to activate the motor and also can read the battery level on the Remote Handset using the PWM link on the VESC Tool software
There is no speed control , just go to max speed at any throttle setting.
I am using the latest VESC Tool firmware

Initially I would like to be able read the Motor Data ie Motor Volts/Amps, RPM and Temperature of the ESC and be able to adjust the Speed of the Motor
I have attempted to use UART as suggested by the manufacturer with a different UART wiring link between the ESC and the Receiver without any success
Have checked the wiring etc - so the effect I have is via PWM to get the Throttle to operate.

Secondly I would like to be able to program a Cruise Control option in the Handset

What other information do you require to direct me to someone who can assist me

Hi Des,

This is definitely something to take up with the manufacturer (though from the looks of things it’s a Chinese/generic unit so this might be hard). There’s just too much obscured behind closed-source firmware for us to guess what’s happening here.

If you think you may be able to sell this or have some friends that are interested, you may be able to justify a foot in the door of a small embedded engineering company that may be able to do this for you. It won’t be cheap though as it’s quite a lot of reverse-engineering at a glance. Our recommendation is usually SAPHI:

All the best with this project, sorry we can’t help directly.

Hi James

Thank you for your insight

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