Project by Aidan; Creating our own Raspberry Pi 3 Case

Aidan just shared a new project: "Creating our own Raspberry Pi 3 Case"

We’ve got a whole bunch of Raspberry Pi 3 Cases here at Core Electronics. From the Official Enclosure that’s perfect for most uses, right through to the gilded PiBow Coupe from Pimoroni. All of the cases we see have one or two impressive features, but our problem was that none of them ticked all the boxes when it came to a case. We’ve set out to create our own case, using our Raspberry Pi Expert - Sam as the tester. We are going to be using the dimensions of the Raspberry Pi alongside Fusion 360 to create a case for our Pi that - we hope - will tick all the boxes for a 3D Printed Pi Case. To actually bring the case to life from the .STL files, we will be using a Lulzbot 3D printer. Let’s get into it!

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