Project by arb; Stream Airplay to Your Pi Zero

arb just shared a new project: "Stream Airplay to Your Pi Zero"

The Raspberry Pi Zero W is a tiny, yet powerful little device. Coupled with a Pimoroni Speaker pHat, it can be easily turned into a portable Airplay speaker which allows you to stream your music anywhere you want.

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Hey Arb,

Great job on the project! your soldering was looking pretty good on the HAT. Enjoy the mobile tunes!

The soldering on the hat was reasonably good, but my soldering job on the Pi Zero header pins was terrible, which is why I didn’t show the underside. ;^) In my defence it had been 15+ years since I last wielded a soldering iron. A little more practice and I will be making nice, neat, shiny solder joints again.

The Speaker pHat is very cool and it let’s me stream my music wherever I am in the house. I have since added an OnOff Shim which definitely helps shutdown cleanly when I am finished. Coupled with a USB power bank it is nice and portable too. 8^)

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