Project by Diego; ESP32 IR-Triggered Camera with Home Assistant Integration

I’ve just shared a new project: “ESP32 IR-Triggered Camera with Home Assistant Integration”

I love the ESP line-up. I started by messing around with the ESP8266 and I completely fell in love with it. The 8266 is all I ever wanted from a microcontroller: WIFI connectivity, a decent amount of GPIO, a deep-sleep mode for battery operation and it is dirt cheap.
The ESP8266 found its way into many projects, and every time I had tons of fun integrating it, so when the folks at Espressif released the ESP32, I was beyond happy.
Among all the development boards based on the ESP32 that are circulating around, one caught my attention, the ESP32-CAM. This little mighty board offers wifi connectivity, onboard voltage regulation, LED Flash, Micro sd card reader, and a 2MP Camera.
The cherry on top of the cake was when I found out about Home assistant and ESPHome. Two months in the Home assistant rabbit hole later I came back victorious.
In this project, we will set up a Home Assistant instance on an RPi 4 and connect the ESP32-CAM to it with a motion sensor for presence detection and automation.

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Hi Diego,

Nice! :smiley: , I’d be keen to remix this one to use a flame/smoke alarm to monitor 3D printers, and delve into IFTTT sending a notification if something catastrophic happens.



Hi Liam,

That’s a fantastic idea, feel free to remix my project :+1:t2: