Mini IP Camera

A few months back, I recall the shop had a miniature IP POE camera that was self-contained and didn’t require a Raspberry Pi or Arduino. I don’t remember what brand or the name, although I thought I subscribed to be notified when it was back in stock.

I went looking for it again today and couldn’t find it listed. I assume it’s no longer available.

Is there an equivalent product available? I’m particularly looking for a small, cheap camera for pet monitoring, preferably without needing a RPi or other device attached. Self-illuminated night vision would be preferred, although the high power (hot!) LED models would be unsuitable as this will be placed in an area that would pose a fire risk with such a device.

Any suggestions?


Hi Ian,

A google search filtered to our site will reveal retired products if you’re sure it was us:

In this case I’m having trouble tracking it down.

We have had people use ESP32s with inbuilt cameras, but they don’t work over ethernet (instead WiFi) and would require a PoE splitter and some coding to get going:


Thanks James. I think my memory is playing tricks on me. The ESP32 does ring a bell as does needing configuration via FTDI, so that could well be it.

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Hey Ian,

That particular Xiao ESP32S3 camera has a USB-C capable port on it that can be used to program it and power it, so it wont need an FTDI programmer.

I have used the Xiao Sense and the ESP32CAM modules separately. The Xiao board is an incredible upgrade and truly capable for any IOT camera based projects that you want to integrate it into, including if you would like to battery power it (in built charging capability).



Thanks @Blayden. Have just ordered and am looking forward to playing around with it.

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