Project by Gary; Stargate Zero Point Module

I’ve just shared a new project: “Stargate Zero Point Module”

This one is for the Stargate fans out there. A realistic, 3D printed, light-up Zero Point Module!
I found a model on Thingiverse for a ZPM - It had good detail but - I took issue with the visible seam, and to change the colors of any crystals they had to be painted since it was a single model. I wanted to remix it so it could be printed as a standalone piece both with or without electronics. Throwing this together with some LED strip and an Adafruit Trinket you can now have a ZPM that will light up according to your own script entirely customizable with no need to paint.
Check out the original model on Thingiverse.

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This is such a great print. Looks really schmick :slight_smile: