Cool 3D prints

Hey all,

I just came across the Ender 3 V2 on the site and was wondering anyone has done any really cool prints on their Ender 3’s.

Keen to see all the cool stuff you guys have made and any mods to the printer!


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There are many mods available for the Ender 3, but one I have found very useful and is easy to start with is a light for the bed,. There are several designs available. The one I ended up with uses a strip of 24v white LEDs inserted into the groove at the bottom of the top rail. You can design and print a shield strip which fits into the groove and has cutouts for 12 LEDs from the strip to be inserted behind it. The shield is needed to ensure that the exposed traces on the edge of the strip cannot contact the aluminium. Then print two flat sections that run down the right-hand upright to conceal the wiring inside the groove. The wires exit at the bottom of the upright and run around to the screw terminals on the power supply. The whole installation is invisible.

Other must-haves are the tool holder and a knob for the extruder (there are many variations).

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Hi Jeff,

Thanks for the response!
The strip sounds awesome, do you have that wired directly into the PSU? Did you have a switch to control it?

That tool holder and knob looks super useful, I’ll have to print one off!

Thanks a ton,

The LED wiring connects directly to the power supply screw terminals. A switch is not necessary as the light is on whenever the unit is powered. A connector is recommended and fits neatly alongside the PS.

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Hey everyone,

Regarding cool 3D prints I have been following the creator of this awesome print in place V8 (and V6) engine for a while now on Thingiverse and he just uploaded that design last week!

I’m yet to try and print one myself, but the Ender 3/Pro/V2 should definitely be able to handle it!

For some upgrade ideas, check out Scott Yu-Jan’s Channel on YouTube, he has a few great videos on upgrades for the Ender 3 Pro as well as the Creality LD-002R Resin Printer.


Hey Jeff,

That looks siiick!!

That looks awesome as well Owen, I wonder if you could mod it to be something like Tom Stanton’s engines somehow.

How good are those videos! The silent driver boards look siick, cant wait for the V2