Project by John61730; Pool temperature sensor

John61730 just shared a new project: "Pool temperature sensor"

This project uses a waterproof ds18b20 sensor to log pool water temperature to an SD card and displays the temperature on an LCD.

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Very nice project, John. Thanks for sharing!

Please note that the “water proof” seal on these temperature sensors will typically fail after 12 months or so in chlorinated water at a depth of 300mm. Unfortunately when they fail, the salt water will corrode both the sensor and the circuit they are connected to, and not just the connector on the circuit they are connected to.

I strongly recommend putting additional waterproofing around the sensor, such as sealant gel with the sensor inside an additional small container. The temperature won’t change that quickly in a swimming pool, so the sensor should still be fairly accurate.


Very nice John - you speak of the workaround for the LCD backlight on pin 4 in the picture, but it looks like you use a different pin in the code?