Project by angus28028; Arduino Cooking Alarm with DS18b20 Sensor

angus28028 just shared a new project: "Arduino Cooking Alarm with DS18b20 Sensor"

Today we will be making an Arduino circuit that will start playing a noise if the water (or surrounding environment) reaches a certain temperature, in our case, that temperature will be 100° Celsius.
This is a useful little project that takes barely any time at all but will be extremely useful to know when your pasta is ready, or when your kettle is ready to pour some coffee.
In this project, we will be showing you how to use the low-cost waterproof DS18b20 sensor with an Arduino Uno.

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Hey Angus,

Great little tutorial! I often forget the kettle when I boil water, so this could save me a lot of power and missed tea.

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Great project Angus! I could be so much closer to making the perfect soft-boiled egg with one of these :slight_smile:

Hi Angus!! For the buzzer values what does the 1000 and 250 values mean and how could I adjust these to make them louder??