Project by Murray125532; Borg Cube for Scouts STEM Camp

I’ve just shared a new project: “Borg Cube for Scouts STEM Camp”

What does one make for a Startrek-themed STEM camp for Scouts? Especially when given the Search and Rescue (SAR) activity base to run.

Why this base you ask? Usually I run a radio direction-finding activity since I am an amateur radio operator. We hide a set of small transmitters operating in the amateur 2m band, and the youth search for these with small directional antennas (Yagis) and receivers.

So - first thought - pick some Trekkie things that ‘could be searched for’, attach the transmitters, and voila - we have an activity!

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Siiick Project Murray! The Borg Cube looks great and the story is something else!



Hi Murray,

What a fantastic project :slightly_smiling_face:
The reviews from the leaders and scouts at the end were great to include. I can picture a transmitter floating along held aloft by hidden scouts well, it must have been quite a sight!