Project by Ryan18728; IoT Chicken Shed (Arduino, Wifi)

Ryan18728 just shared a new project: "IoT Chicken Shed (Arduino, Wifi)"

If you have chickens and find you’re not always available to close the gate at night or check the water levels each day, then why not use an ESP8266 to automate your chicken door and receive alerts door status and low water level, as well as allow you to remotely control the door from anywhere over the internet. 

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Hey Ryan,

Very cool project! I used to have chickens and this would have been great. I missed the part about how you trained the chickens to use the app on their iPhones though :wink:

Hi Ryan
Nice work on the chicken coop controller and also developed something similar for our Chicken Coop, but I went down the RaspberryPI path, using a java developed Application and a custom built PCB. To reduce the power usage, I added a PIXACE and RTC module, so that the unit could power down over night. All of the configuration and sensor logging is held in a H2 Database.
The door opening and closing times are changed each day, because the app reads an internet database that contains the dawn and dust times for a specific GPS location.

I’m currently added a food management aspect via a couple of 150mm storm water units with HX711 for weight monitoring.

Anyway, if your interested, you can find more details on this web site:


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Fantastic Dave, this was a good read. Great features, solar, the water filtering, logging. I’m surprised how clever the fox was, good thing I just don’t have so many around here or I’m sure one would come at sunrise.

I have a pi zero for my next project, which is an aeroponic grower in a wooden barrel. Should be fun, setting up complementary uv lights, auto maintaining ph and humidity + heat. The hardest part is avoiding plastic or toxic materials.

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That sounds great. But I don’t really know how does it work. Is it an automatic kitchen door opener?There are foxes (and mice) near us. If you don’t lock at night, the chicken will be eaten. The fence needs to be more than 1 meter high, but will not let the fox away from the flock.

Hi, looking at the link you sent these are similar. My door slides up to open the same way and is a thick cage metal instead of flat metal. These look good if you ask me. They look fox proof though not sure about setting the open and close times.

I went with custom so I could add other sensors such as water low. Also, I wanted to track water use over time and receive alerts if the door didn’t open as well as have it open at calculated time.