Project by Trevor55561; Raspberry Pi Desk Clock with Data Display

Trevor55561 just shared a new project: "Raspberry Pi Desk Clock with Data Display"

This project uses a Raspberry Pi and TFT display panel to provide a desk clock that also monitors our Home Solar and Battery system, and the weather, in one neat unit.

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Hey Trevor,
Great little project ! Thanks for posting this.
I created my own yesterday largely adapting your python code.
I’m not running a power wall but do have my own Pi weather station. It’s now in use as my wife’s bedside clock !
I’m using the newer version of the Adafruit TFT, configured NOT to be used as console or HDMI. I’d like ot be able to “Gracefully” kill off the python loop, adjust code, and restart it, but I haven’t been able to work out how to do that…
Anyway all good fun and once again thanks for posting it.

Nice UI Pete, thanks for sharing. If you ever get the time, it’d be great to see how you went about the setup!

Don’t worry Graham, I’m planning to, but it’s a little “Ugly” at the moment. Im awaiting a delivery from you guys to tidy it up before I post it.

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