Proximity Glasses

Short story, my best friend is blind and i want to make a proximity sensor so he doesnt get hit in the face.

I am currently making an initial prototype from a arduino based LeoStick and a sharp IR distance sensor. The issues are that its not accurate and its chunky.

I need a small form factor (wearable size) microcontroller, powersource and accurate sensor.

Any advice?

Hey Exodus,
Definitely a good thing, not getting hit in the face by surprise. A few thoughts come to mind; IR and ultrasonic sensors probably aren’t the best method as they aren’t going to be accurate/precise across all conditions. As Graham was mentioning on the phone, the upcoming Lidar V3 sensor, whilst expensive, will probably be the best way to go.

The Leostick is a great product for what it is, but bear in mind all you really need is an I2C input for the proximity sensor, some kind of speaker (perhaps piezo could work) or a vibration motor, which can easily be driven with a PWM output, so really any super small microcontroller will work.

Plenty of thoughts come to mind for power, you could use a LiPo battery which offers the best performance vs. weight, and perhaps integrate a wireless charging module for it so your friend doesn’t have to worry about exactly lining up a charging cable.