Speed/Timing Gates

Hi Guys,
This is my first post and I am fairly new to the electronics world so bear with me.
I would like to build myself a set of speed/timing gates for athletes, similar to this link
Does anyone know of any tutorials or parts lists that I could use?
I am not sure where to start so any information would be great!

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Hi Paul

Were you hoping to link multiple gates link them with wireless and generate the times out of them?

I would have a look at our range of distance sensors and the IOT workshop.

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Thanks Clinton,
Yeah ultimately I would love to link the gates and be able to generate times in multiple different configurations. for example straight line 20 meter speed with a start gate, 10m gate and 20m gate. Then be able to run agility drills such as T drill and 505 drill where the athlete needs to run thought the same gate twice.
Hope that makes sense.

I think the Pycom boards would be a great fit for your project, the IOT workshop will give you a great start on that. You could replace the light sensor for a distance sensor and check to see if a something (the runner) was close to the gate.@Chris is our Pycom hero, he may have some more advice on them.

I think for this application something like this Weatherproof Ultrasonic Sensor would work well (Can’t stop training when it rains!). I have also heard that the Infrared ones can struggle in full sunlight.

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Thanks for your help Clinton!!