Pycom and RTC

Are there any examples of adding an external RTC to a Lopy4?
Examples of physically connecting a RTC module and code and libraries etc would be much appreciated.


Hi Clint,

Found a guide!

Also, seems the Lopy has an in-built RTC peripheral, you’d just need to look into low-power modes if you wanted to wake on a given time, say:



Thanks James - much appreciated
The challenge we have is that we are communicating over LoRa and not via WiFi etc. we have been able to use GPS to synchronise the time with the RTC but I am keen to be able to connect an external RTC to the LoPy4 to sync the time. This way we can schedule events based on the time of day etc.

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This one may help a bit GitHub - mindeon/DS3231-RTC: Use a DS3231 I²C real-time clock (RTC) with your Pycom board
Could not find a tutorial, sorry.

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