Suitability of Pycom LoPy4 for devices deployed remotely

We are looking at building a LoRa device that can send and receive data for monitoring of sensors and turning on solenoids via relays etc. The Pycom LoPy4 looks suitable.

Are there example micropython sketches that work with AU915 OTTA connecting to TTN that I can modify to achieve the uplink/downlink communications for device monitoring and actuation?

What we want to build is many devices that would be enclosed in an IP68 box that has something like:
Expansion board 3.1
Ability to be charge from solar panels

Downlink commands would be sent from our cloud platform via TTN to the device. The code on the device would decode the command and turn on/off GPIOs. The device would also monitor analog pins to uplink sensor data in mV etc. It would probably need to be LoRa class C.

Any advice regarding programability of the LoPy4 or alternative devices appreciated.


Hi Clint,

Welcome back :slight_smile:

I found these two guides on the Pycom website with some example code:

Unfortunately, I haven’t had the chance to tinker around with TTS (or TTNv3) yet so can’t confirm if the guides work.

The overall Pycom ecosystem in my opinion is very clean, once Atom and the Pymakr plugin are installed take a look through the relevant documentation on Pycom’s website makes putting the puzzle pieces together easy


Thanks Liam