Pycom in administration... what happens to support for these products now?

Over the years, I have bought a few pycom products and have been generally happy with these. However, I have just found out that they have gone into administration in September last year. What is your stance on the future viability of these products, given the current situation?

Thank you.


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Hi Ricardo,

We retired the Pycom boards from our range when we heard the news. You can still find the product pages from google, but they are just there for reference.

If you have a lot of their gear, I’d suggest scraping for all the info, as there is no telling how long the docs will stay around for. I’d also backup any software you use with the boards, as download links don’t always stay up.

If the brand is acquired and they start making hardware again, it may take a different direction, like the newer Lulzbot printers for example, so we’ll likely have new product pages up it that happens.


Hi James,

Thanks for the handy tips! I will just keep using the devices I have and scrape the web site as you suggest in case it goes away. It was good gear and it is a shame that it went into administration.



P.S.: Sorry for the delayed response… I just got back from holidays!