Pycom Expansion Board v3.1 Firmware Update - Stuck in DFU Mode

Looking for some help / advice please…

After looking at the Core Tutorial on firmware updates and reading the info on FW version 0.0.11…
In a quest to eek out the battery life I have updated the firmware on my Pycom Expansion Board (v3.1) to version 0.0.11. This has reduced the boards power consumption when in machine.deepsleep(time_ms).

Problem is its now stuck in DFU mode and the USB connectivity isnt working.

As you can probably tell from the screen-shot, I have a Mac, not Windows.

Any suggestions / tutorials on how to get the USB connectivity back?


Hi Jon,

The official guide is here:

We don’t have any hands-on intel for Mac, so it would be best to engage Pycom for help with that. Undoubtedly an easy fix once you know it, just as Windows is.

Thanks Graham,
Thats the Pycom guide I used. I’ll drop Pycom an email and see what they say.


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Quick update…
Sent Pycom an email yesterday morning, received an email back from them last night, sent them the QR code on the board so they can check the serial number…

Looks like they are going to replace the board.

I should know more tonight (UK morning time).


I am also stuck with this, Can you please advise as this is a hardware issue if the boards are going to be replaced by Core Electronics or are we responsible for shipping back to the UK.

Update 28/6/19 I contacted PyCom and they referred me to this link which details how to send them the QR code or number to and if it has the A2 version of the PIC controller they will supply an RMA number and ship you new ones.

My understanding is that this is not a supplier issue (Core Electronics in this case) as it relates to a defect in the product.

Pycom have acknowledged some of their boards have issues that I have experienced and asked me to do a couple of things before advising the course of action for resolve.

I will advise / update more once I know more.


Quick update as promised… I have 2 new Expansion Boards on their way from Pycom in the UK.

I suggest that anyone with this same issue contact Pycom through the email address on their website and get their issue resolved. I cannot speak highly enough of the speed with which they acted. For me, Pycom are sending me two new expansion boards to replace the two affected boards that I own. They do not want the bricked boards back.


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Final update…
Two new Expansion Boards (v3.1) arrived from Pycom in the UK yesterday…Both have now had the latest firmware installed on them and retain full USB functionality:)

Couldn’t be happier. Great service from Pycom.


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