Pycom Pytrack 2.0 X (CE04931)

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Pytrack 2.0 X is a newsensor shield that can be used with any Pycom multi-network modules. It contains a number of sensors, such as an accelerometer and GPS. It now has a 6 Pin connector for the new Pynode sensor range too.

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Can one connect a pytrack ( and a pysense ( to the GPy?

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Hi Edward, Welcome to the forum!

These boards aren’t designed to stack, but you physically could make them, provided you checked that none of the pins conflicted.

Since you’re after 14 pins for a pycom, these two packs should do the trick:

Let us know if any other questions come to mind!

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Thanks, let me study this over.
I’m in the US, do you have stock for your pycom boards and other items here in the US.
I appreciate your video’s, I hadn’t found anything like that yet.

After studying this over, and looking at the pinouts … are there any more tutorials/videos to describe each of the pinouts and what they are doing. I’m a bit of a novice, so I’m scratching my head wondering which pin outs are getting used, how the power flows from say the pytracker to the gpy, would all of the information flow over the same serial pins, etc, e.g how I would connect the pytracker_v2 and the pysense_v2 to the GPY. Thanks again

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