Pioneers Platform for Pycom - assembly?

I ordered and received the Pioneers Platform of Pycom in the hope to make development projects a bit easier to manage. However, after unpacking all the bits and pieces, I am totally flummoxed as to how to put it all together. I couldn’t find a tutorial about this here either. Can anyone please provide some guidance?


Hi Dan,

The M2x6mm nylon screws are used to fix the Expansion board or the Pytrack/Pysense shield to the platform (whatever board you are using).

The rubber feet stick on the four corners of the platform.

The M3 x 12mm screws are used to attach the two acrylic panels that come with the platform. This is made to safely hold the LTE antenna (if you are using one).

Any duck antennas are installed in the part of the platform that is bent upwards. Put the nut and washer on the antenna side of the acrylic to hold the mount in place, then attach the antenna.

The breadboard is stuck on to the platform by peeling back the cover on the adhesive on the bottom of the breadboard and putting it in position.

Stay tuned for an assembly guide video!

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