Python Editor for OSX BBC Microbit

Hi guys

I am working my way through the Micropython for Microbit tutorial. The issue I am having is that I am running Mac OSX and cannot get MU to run. I have installed and uninstalled 5-6 times following all the steps but it just flashes and disappears when I try to open it. Is there an alternative editor I can use?

There is a tutorial on installing MU here.

Apple have been increasing security in the way it installs applications, so follow the instructions carefully.

If this still doesn’t work, post again, and include a link to the tutorial you are using.

Also, the python files are just plain text files, so you could use any text editor you like.

MU can also be installed using python’s pip, or as a portable application on a USBZ stick.

Give VS Code for Mac a go. You can add Python support and test your code in the editor.