Pytrack with FiPy not powering with battery


I bought the pytrack and FiPy with the intention of running them off a battery.

It all works fine over USB but when I plug it into the battery (18650) then it rarely works. It did work a few times and once it starts operating then it works fine until it is disconnected then it won’t work again.

If we plug it into the USB and the battery and then disconnect the USB then it usually carries on working.

I have updated the firmware on the FiPy and the Pytrack board. We had the issue with one previously and we sent it back and Core said it was fine and it is being sent back to us. what are we doing differently?

I seems like I am having the same problem as this post but there was no response.

I see you’ve got an interaction on the Pycom forum as well, so I’ll close this thread with a link to that.

Chances are, it will be something similar to this which I had to get clarity on

The link to your Pycom forum thread: