Fipy upload/run/download failed with Pytrack

Hello. I am using fipy + pytrack for the first time and I cannot load, run or download any code using pytrack, I also have lopy4 and the expansion board 3.0, I did the test of loading a code in fipy using the expansion board 3.0 and I don´t had problems. I have been working with The lopy4 and the expansion board 3.0 for a while without any problem, but when I trying to use pytrack to load code to fipy and lopy4 I get the following error:

I already have the drivers installed and update the firmware for pytrack and Fipy. I suspect that the problem is with Pytrack, what do you say?
I really appreciate your support


If the same code uploads via the Expansion Board, then it might be an issue with the Pytrack. Though, if you are able to update the firmware on it, then that also suggests that it works fine and there might be a COM Port or other configuration error inside Atom.

It’s a fairly low-level issue, if the above does not help then it might be best to engage Pycom directly on their support forum.

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