Qwiic Cable - 200mm (PRT-14428)

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This is a 200mm long 4-conductor cable with 1mm JST termination. It’s designed to connect Qwiic enabled components together but can be used for other applications…

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Hi. What’s the maximum allowable voltage on your Qwiic cables?

The datasheet is here. The maximum allowable voltage for the wire is dictated by the insulation breakdown voltage, but that is highly dependent on how you are using the wires. For instance, if you sleeve them separately then the insulation will hold up much better than if they are lying along a length of chassis. The limiting factor is more likely to be the JST connectors which are quoted as 50V. In typical hobby practice the limiting factor is most likely to be current, not voltage, which is 1A for the connectors and up to about 1.5A for 28AWG wire in ribbon format for chassis wiring.

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Hi Jeff,

Awesome response, really nothing more I can add here, only that some wiring standards talk about the proximity of LV and ELV wiring, and whether a loose connector could contact a wire of the other type, so you’ve also got to worry about whether the wires will move around and potentially wear down their insulation, and whether the connectors could come free.

But that’s all out of spec for the stuff we sell here - anything past ELV needs an electrician to work on, so we can’t advise on anything past that.