Raspberry Pi 5 Model B 8GB (CE09786)

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The 8GB Raspberry Pi 5 is the latest powerhouse in the Raspberry Pi lineup. Ideal for advanced DIY projects, home automation, and high-performance computing tasks.

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Please offer with your recommendations the 5V 5A power supply the pi 5 needs, as well as the pi 5 heatsink with cooling fan.


Hi Tom,

Both are on the website, just scroll down a bit on the product page and the links are there!

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Hey Tom,

They can be found on the product page of the Pi 5 under the recommended essentials heading in the description. I will link both the Official Power Supply and the Active Cooler for you here though as well.



Hello, when are you looking at getting more Raspberry Pi 5’s in? Thank you


In the global announcement, Eben Upton said stock would be available later in October. Perhaps click the signup link on the product page for now.


Hi All,

I’ve been watching some of the Raspberry Pi 5 design and in-depth videos, I was super interested about the RP-ONE video and case design video.

Would be keen to hear if the case is compatible with the 4, might make for some easy cluster computing!


Is there an eta for when rasp pi 5 will be back on stock?

Hi @Molly258827

Not yet unfortunately, Core Electronics isn’t taking backorders just yet (as of the 16th of October), although we’ll be sending out emails to those on the Signup to get Notified list first with the ETA once confirmed for each of the boards and accessories:


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Okay no problem, thanks for the response!


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hi I would like to put my name down for 2 RPI58GB, how do I do that, pls?
my email is xxxxx


Hi Cornel,


We aren’t taking pre-orders for the Raspberry Pi 5 until we’ve confirmed what stock is available.
Click the “sign up to be notified” link on the product page and we’ll send you an alert as soon as we can take your order.



Is there stock for the CE09786?

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Cannot add Pi 5 8GB to cart
please help

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Hi Joel and Vaughan,

You’ll need to select the Barebones kit here: Raspberry Pi 5 8GB - Barebones Kit | Core Electronics Australia

Cannot add raspi 5 to shopping cart. Showi g out of stock. Just got an email that it is

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Thanks Liam
Sadly the kit includes a Pi 4 power supply - which does not deliver the full required wattage for when Pi is under load.
Can you separate the Pi 5 from the kit and sell just as SBC?
I’m a long time customer with Core and would appreciate not buying a power supply that I don’t need and won’t use.

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Your email said product back in stock but it won’t let me order rpi 5 in 4 and 8gb

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Raspberry Pi 5 Model B 8GB - Raspberry Pi 5 Model B 8GB | Core Electronics Australia

“In stock, ships same business day if ordered before 2PM
Delivered by Tue, 7th of Nov”

Click buy.

“Product that you are trying to add is not available.”

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Hi Vaughan,

Unfortunately the new power supply hasnt passed Australian certification yet so in an effort Core is selling it in a minimal kit. When connected it ought to not limit the CPU but only the USB power output (fine if you arent running NVMe SSDs or power hungry HATs).

On the product page there are mentions of the single boards being available sometime early next year.

Re: in stock, I messaged Core one day and there is some caching, the kits might be in stock though